Make Me Iconic: Teaset
Make Me Iconic: Teaset
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Make Me Iconic: Teaset

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Tea parties always lift our mood. We love drinking up a pretend almond chai, or a skinny mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm yum (wish it was a real thing). There once was a time when we didn't order a skinny chai latte or a soy flat white. Coffee or tea was it. We actually prefer a really really really milky tea with lots of sugar or just a regular chair latte. Today's 3-year old Barista's will grow up with all the new cafe lingo. 

But a good host should always serve their guest first. Manners are important these days, "how many sugars Charlotte?"

This tea set is designed to sit loud and proud on your coffee table nest to your designer coffee table books. Its stylish just like your little Barista in the making, and not pink or blue for only boys or girls. 

Ahhhh sit back and pass me a cuppa. 

And we like things neat, so we also have a designed a beautiful cardboard bow to park your tea set away afterwards. 


Ages 3 years + 

Complete with 1 x teaport with lid, 2 x cups & saucers, 1 x creamer, 1 x sugar bowl with lid, 2 x spoons, 2 x tea bags, 4 x sugar cubes. 

12cm (L) x 6cm (W) 

Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non-toxic paint. 

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